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So what does The Broad Picture do?

You can call it business planning, or business coaching, or mentoring, or applying rigorous analysis and simple scalable systems to unusual businesses. Or adding experience and common sense to the business basics.

Whatever. It works.

l-tizard-tbpAbout Linda

Founder & Director Linda Tizard, has unique skills and experience in managing people, planning and budgeting. These skills have assisted in the development of profitable businesses in music, screen content, fashion, and design. It’s all about how creativity and hard work can pay off.



Roy Billing About Roy

Roy is one of Australia’s best known and most respected actors. With experience over nearly 40 years as a performer in theatre, film and television and as a writer and campaigner on industry issues, he offers a unique insight on the workings of the creative business industry. www.roybilling.com.au

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