What it costs

We don’t charge anything for the initial meeting. After that, we’ll give you a firm and detailed quote based on our thoughtful assessment of your business needs. We’ll also give you a confidentiality letter before we start to talk about your business, so even if you choose not to go ahead you’re all good.

We don’t sell any products and we don’t take a cut on any services or products we may recommend.

We’ll never harass you with calls, or sell your details.

We’re not affiliated to anyone else.  We’re not accountants, recruiters, or lawyers, and we pay our own contractors and staff directly. We always prefer to work with your existing advisers and support team, and if we think you need upgrades in those areas, we’ll tell you why.

We expect you to pay part upfront when we begin the agreed work, and the rest in stages over the agreed time frame – that may be monthly, or for as long as it takes to get you into your new framework.

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