What we do

So what does The Broad Picture do?

You can call it business planning, or business coaching, or mentoring, or applying rigorous analysis and simple scalable systems to unusual businesses. Or adding experience and common sense to the business basics.

Whatever. It works.

First, we give you clarity on your business:

  • Where are you now?
  • Do you need to adapt to change, or to drive change?
  • Go bigger? joining up with others, or needing help to handle your workload
  • Go smaller? getting rid of overhead
  • Succession,  when someone you rely on is moving on  – or when you want to do that
What do you really want? and how can you get there?

Practical Problem Solving

We sort out what’s holding you up and eating your time and cash –  so you can actually work on what you need to do , and what you do best

  • Taking care of the platforms for your business.
  • Sorting out stuff, and getting it done – finding the right people (someone out there loves doing what you hate)

Know what you need to do next

You need to know some numbers that matter – we’ll establish what they are.

  • Controlling your cash gives you options
  • Long term goals & temporary fixes  – nothing’s ever permanent

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